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Happiness Inc. Theresa ScottComing Soon    May 2015

The television studio, Happiness, Inc., is proud to announce the highly anticipated 5th season of the popular, award-winning Lucky Plucky Reality Show,* a show where people finally have a chance to Change Their Lives! To Live for what Really Matters! 

Their reality show, or their relationship… which will tank first?

…Jen-Jen Pinkney is done with quietly fading into the background on the movie set of the barely functioning Lucky Plucky Reality Show. Desperate to help the failing show succeed, she seizes her one chance to lead the crew to success. If only that arrogant Dawson Burke would get out of her way.

Dawson Burke plans to make the Lucky Plucky Reality Show the best in L.A. despite recent sabotage and the fact that the Star of the show is a big fake. The one glimmer of light in this rolling disaster is Jen-Jen Pinkney. If only she'd notice he existed.  

By the time an old enemy from Dawson’s past catches up with him, the audience is fleeing faster than you can say ‘faux reality show.’ If Dawson can’t stop the show from tanking, then he, the beauteous Jen-Jen, and the Lucky Plucky crew of Happiness, Inc. will never work in Tinsel Town again...

*The Lucky Plucky Reality Show™ is a production of Happiness, Inc. The show is a three-time winner of the ‘Grand Damn Award for Serious Mischief,’ the ‘Golden Palm Award’ for lowest number of audience members snoring in their seats, and that much sought after, rarely bestowed ‘Cleaning Up the Planet—One Person at a Time Award.’