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“Ms. Scott shows that love is magical whenever it happens… Hunters of the Ice Age is a sensational series—original, exciting and romantic!”  ~Affaire de Couer

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The TreasureThe Treasure, Amazon   Smashwords   Kobo
Washington Territory, the frontier, 1825. Gentle Fawn and her beloved husband Hawk Catcher's desperate hopes for a baby plummet until that magical Christmas Eve when their deepest prayers are answered... by two bumbling trappers and a goat.

Happiness Inc.Happiness Inc., Amazon   Smashwords   Kobo
Jen-Jen Puffney is done with quietly fading into the background on the movie set of the barely functioning Lucky Plucky Reality Show. Desperate to help the failing show succeed, she seizes her one chance to lead the crew to success. If only that arrogant Dawson Burke would get out of her way




Theresa Scott brings you her acclaimed series, Hunters of the Ice Age, four powerful stories set during the North American Ice Age, 10,000 years ago.

...Four stories of the brave men and the beautiful women who love them...

Each couple must forge their own path to find true love amid danger…
from enemies both inside and outside their tribes; from false beliefs and  superstitions pushed on them by cunning leaders; and from giant bears, saber-tooth tigers, lions, and wolf packs who prey on them in the barren lands and pine forests of early times.

These four daring heroes must win the love of the women they desire… or die trying.

Yesterday's Dawn (Hunters of the Ice Age Book 1) Kindle   Smashwords   Kobo

Two mammoth hunters capture a lone woman and 3 children in an attempt to rebuild their tribe after several women and children from their band died in a plague the previous winter. One of the hunters keeps the woman for his own, but he harbors a secret that can only destroy her love for him.

Dark Renegade (Hunters of the Ice Age Book 2) Kindle   Smashwords   Kobo

A young man is cast out of a hunting band when a stronger tribe demands all the marriageable women. Left to survive on his own, he gathers a small tribe of outcast men, and in vengeance, he returns and steals a woman from the hunting band. But it is only a matter of time before he must face the stronger tribe and battle for his right to love her. 

Love's Ambush (Hunters of the Ice Age Book 3) Kindle   Smashwords   Kobo

A man driven from his tribe wanders alone in the dangerous lands where huge predators stalk the unwary. But when he is captured and forced into marriage with a fiery woman, he finds that he cannot live without her, not when his heart has been ambushed by love.

Broken Promise, Broken Promise (Hunters of the Ice Age Book 4) Kindle   Smashwords   Kobo
Betrayal turns a young man into a fierce, hardened man who believes in nothing and no one. Will the love of a beautiful captive woman redeem his cold heart and give him reason to see goodness in his life once more?




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